Subway Map Design Laptop Case

With so many designs to look for when searching for a case or sleeve for your laptop, it seems that finding something different is the way to go. This cool design uses a classic subway map design, so you are getting a good case with a cool and colourful design too. There will be no mistaking which case is yours anymore!

This is how the designer describes the laptop case with subway map;

Slick and modern design, the sleeve has reinforced stitches thru out, genuine Velcro closure, a double layer of interfacing for even more durability and I used a centre layer of foam (just like the kind used in mass produced laptop sleeves and bags) not quilt batting, so be sure that your gadget is going to be nice and cushioned! Keep it free from scratches inside a bigger tote or backpack.

This Subway Map Laptop Case is going to cost around $28 (£19) not bad because you a case and a map too!

Source [Etsy]