Galaxy S3 Bird Nest Case

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a cool phone and you are going to want to protect it from marks and scraps, that means a case! However, you do not want just any old case; you want something different don’t you? What about this Hybrid Bird Nest case, it comes in a range of colour combinations and the bird nest design looks cool too! The only hard thing is choosing which colour suits your lifestyle!

These are the details on the cool looking case for the Samsung Galaxy S 3;

Looking for a uniquely design case, all while it’s able to give you a sufficient amount of protection from damages? Samsung Galaxy S 3 Hybrid Bird Nest case – a combination of plastic and silicone to give you that awesome look. It’s easy to install, and all of your ports, buttons and features will be completely accessible due to the case’s precise cut-outs.

This Hybrid Bird Nest Case with Stand comes with a $17 (£11) price tag

Source [Etsy]