Star Trek Replica Comm Badges

These badges are must have for any fan who either just loves the Star Trek series and movies or who may even be into cosplay in a big way! These are Star Trek TNG communicator badges they have been moulded by using a set of original series badges, so these are as close as you are going to get to the real thing and they are not going to cost the earth either.

These are some details for these great looking Star Trek TNG communicator badges;

Our TNG communicator badge was crafted using one of the only remaining sets of original moulds, painstakingly restored in our artisan model shop. With the restored moulds, we were able to replicate the prop’s size and shape exactly. To get the colours and paint details, we studied an actual screen-used badge. In addition, once we had the design of the original matched, we took the whole thing a step further – rendering the replica in gold and silver-finished metal (the on-screen props were made of painted resin).

These authentic Star Trek TNG comm badges are price at just $20 (£13) each.

Source [QMX Online]