Coca Cola Bottle Stand For The iPhone 5

This is not something that you see every day; it is a re-purposed classic Coca Cola bottle that has been squashed and shaped to hold an iPhone 5 with a solid wood base for the dock. It looks cool and is something really different to have on your desk and show off your cool new iPhone 5 on.

Here are the specs for the Recycled Slumped Coca cola Bottle in Solid Wood Base;

A recycled Coca cola Bottle was “slumped” in my kiln to create this beautiful melted-glass iPhone Stand.

Great for an anniversary gift, housewarming gift, birthday gift, thank you gift, or just a fun conversation piece for yourself.

The bottle is the original Coca Cola. For base has a solid wood base to ensure that the i-phone stand sits level.

This Recycled Slumped Coca cola Bottle will cost you around $35 (£23)

Source [Etsy]