The Concrete And Wood Jack Speaker

Normally concrete would not feature in an audio section, but in this case, it is an exception! Here is the Jack speaker, it is not available at the moment but will be next year and what makes it special is that it is made from concrete and wood! These are two materials that work well together and when combined in the Jack speaker it is pure magic.

According to the designers, this what the Jack speaker has to offer;

The speaker housing is made of concrete, which has been hand mixed and hand cast, ensuring the unique varied characteristics of the material, while the crossbar is made from turned hardwood. An exclusive concrete formula has been produced over several months of development, which boasts a compressive strength that is more than 10x that of standard concrete. This mix is specifically designed to achieve high strength with reduced weight, meaning safer shipping for international customers.

There are prices available yet for this speaker, but it will be going on sale in April 2013, so not to wait then!

Source [Werd]