Free Phone Charging From The Spin Cycle

Here is a cool idea to offer folks in your community a chance to juice up their Smartphone’s for free! It is a bike called the Spin Cycle a stationary bike! It comes with a dock for the device, a basket for the user possessions, all the user has to do is get on and pedal like hell until the battery has been charged! This idea is being tested in New York at the moment and is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

This is how the Charge Cycle set up works;

You can lease the bike for a specified duration of time depending on the amount you pledge. The bikes are free for you to use anywhere in the city during the lease period as long as its abiding by NYC bike parking laws. The Charge Cycle is available for public use when it is locked up. The Charge Cycle provides the maintenance of all equipment throughout the lease period. You do not need to find a bike repair shop, just contact us!

One month lease of the Charge Cycle can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter at $150 (£94).

Source [Gajitz]