The New Prodigy iPad Case By ZooGue

Here is the latest iPad case from ZooGue, it works with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad and provides the user with various viewing angles due its magnetic kickstand that has six positions to choose from, making it ideal for watching movies etc. The Prodigy is tough too, so the iPad will remain is good condition being protected by the sturdy casing.

This is what the new iPad Case Prodigy from ZooGue has to offer;

Though there are thousands of cases out there, most offer very few views and do not provide stability. ZooGue’s iPad Case Prodigy is designed to combat this problem and deliver an attractive solution that is also durable, versatile, and sturdy. With a long-lasting vegan leather exterior and a microfiber interior, the case also features strong magnets that will keep the stand locked in any of the desired angles. The Prodigy guards the iPad screen with a cover that has a secure magnetic closure with sleep and wake functions.  Users maintain unobstructed access to all cameras, ports, and buttons for added convenience.

This new case for the iPad will set you back around $60 (£38) and it is available right now.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]