An Additional Display For The iPhone 5

For most of us one screen on our Smartphone’s is enough, but popSLATE are looking change that with by providing the iPhone 5 owner with additional e ink display on the back of the device. But only for displaying favourite images etc. the good thing about this is that its low power and it is a protective case, what is not to like?

According to the popSLATE Indiegogo page, this what the iPhone 5 owner can expect to be getting;

popSLATE is an E-Ink screen in an iPhone 5 case.  That means it’s low-power, always-on, super-readable in direct sunlight, and totally customizable.  It’s a blank slate you can populate with the images you love. Now you can express yourself to the world, share cool stuff with friends, and always have your favourite app functionality at a glance.

Once this case goes into production it will have a retail price of around $120 (£75) but early backers can find themselves a good deal if they are quick.

Source [Mashable]