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There is a couple of ways to go about testing your mobile app, you can do it the old fashioned way by going through it manually, it takes time but you really do get a feel for how the app works and reacts. However, if you are producing many mobile apps and new apps in development, manual testing can be very time consuming and therefore something else is needed, this is where mobile app testing services come in.

One such product is the uTest Apphance mobile app testing tool, there are four versions available with the basic being free to use! However for the next level it the pricing is $99 per month and then there is a huge jump to the next level which is priced at $499 per month, this is really at the serious end of mobile app testing. Although there is another level, which is unlimited and as such users will need to enquire how much this level of service is going to cost.

It is easy to get started with a simple sign up process, but despite the cost, these services can actually end up saving the user money in the long term on research and testing time! This means that even if the user opts for the paid version, using a mobile app testing tool such as the uTest Apphance allows the developers to get on with the important work of producing great apps, rather than being bogged down for a long period time testing apps.

These are the features that the uTest Apphance mobile app testing tool;

uTest Apphance is a mobile quality tool that makes it easy for developers to understand how their apps are working across a wide range of devices, carriers and locations. With Apphance, developers can distribute new versions of their app, gather crash reports, obtain bug reports and solicit user feedback.

Great news for anyone interested in using the Apphance tool because there is a free option available, it does not offer a fully featured service, but it is a great opportunity to get in at the entry level. Of course, it depends on the level of testing required for many users the free basic level is good enough and there is nothing better than a service that it free of charge when you are a start up with limited budgets and even less time to waste.

Source [App Hance]

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