Your Very Own Butler On The Wall

We are all busy these days and at the same time, we have to carry a lot of stuff around with us, so it makes sense to have a Butler to take this stuff from you when you arrive home! However, not all of us can afford a real living Butler, so this wall mounted version is an alternative! When not in use the Butler appears to be a wooden box on the wall, but once you start off loading your gear the Butler takes on a completely new appearance. Could you do without a Butler?

These are the details on what the Butler will do for you;

The Butler is made to fit your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iphone on the side slot with a concealed space for your charging cord, and glasses/hat/scarf or whatever other go-to item on the slide out walnut piece.

The backside includes a routed out section for your charging cord and extension cord in case your mounting area on the wall is not next to an outlet. Note, the iphone, charging cord and extension cord are not included.

To get your own personal butler it is going to cost you $170 (£109)

Source [Etsy]