Forget Angry Birds This Is Hungry Birds

Just how do you get animals and birds to use technology? Well Birds On Twitter has found an interesting method to get birds in frozen Latvia to type on the keyboard of a Twitter connected computer. The keys have been covered in fat, which the birds need this time of the year in order to survive! Every time a bird pecks at the fat, the key is pressed down to form a tweet! How about that, it is a tweet from Tweety Pie!

This is how the @hungry_birds on Twitter has been set up;

We put a layer of unsalted fat on a keyboard. Eating the fat helps the birds to survive the harsh winter days and nights when the temperature can drop to 20C below zero.

@hungry_birds are awake from 05.00 until 16.00 GMT, but they have other daily activities and duties besides eating, so be patient and have fun!

Source [Birds On Twitter]