Lumawake Smart Dock One Size Fits All

This is the smart dock from Lumawake; they call it a smart dock because it works with all iPhones even when they have case on. But there is more, the device will light up when you approach and it learns your sleeping patterns, so that when it approaches the time to wake up the Lumawake iPhone smart dock will begin to illuminate, now that is smart.

These are the details for the Lumawake iPhone smart dock;

The dock reinvented. Lumawake was designed to improve your life during that one third of the day that is consistently overlooked. From the time, you go to bed to the moment you wake up, Lumawake is working to make your life easier & more fun. Through sleep hacking & home automation, you are sure to start every day on the right foot.

Expect to pay around £94 ($150) for this cool new dock for the iPhone

Source [Cool Material]