Stylish LED Lamp Called Harvey

Sometimes the brightness of a normal desk lamp can prove to be just too much light concentrated into a small space, but what can you do about it? Well it seems that we are not the folks thinking about this issue, because the UK based, David Oxley, has not only thought about it, he has actually done something about this issue. The result is the Harvey LED task lamp, it is not quite into production yet, but with the help of Kickstarter backers, it could be!

These are the details for the Harvey LED task lamp;

Firstly the light; inspired by surgeons lamps, super bright LEDs are fixed on an aluminium heat sink in the centre of the head, light is diffused through a frosted glass disc and reflected off the curved metal reflector giving a well-directed even light source (avoiding the harshness often associated with LED lighting). The lamp is named after William Harvey, the English physician who described completely the circulation of blood in the body.

You can pick up one of these Harvey LED task lamps, for around £80 ($129) to £100 ($161) through Kickstarter as a backer.

Source [Inertia Projects]