How Long Is It Until Christmas Countdown

 In the days after Christmas, the very last thing that you are going to want to see is a countdown to next Christmas! Starting a 52 weeks to go, this calendar will torment whoever you by this for all year long! Therefore, that’s the in-laws sorted then!

This are the details on the 52 weeks to Christmas countdown;

Christmas day is the most fun day of the year and looking forward to it is even more exciting. Count the weeks until Santa next squeezes down your chimney bearing special gifts. 1 page for each week with big bold numbers, 52 pages cleverly designed to be re-used year after year in endless anticipation of Dec 25th and all the associated presents, parties, feasts and novelty socks. Size: 28 x 28 cm.

This constant reminder of how long it is until next Christmas is going to cost you £20 ($33)

Source [Suck UK]