The Mouse That Warms Your Hands

Now that the summer has gone and winter is around the corner this is the time when using the mouse hand freeze your hand! However, if you were using the Warming Mouse 4 this would not be an issue, because inside the body of the mouse there is a small heater that keeps your hand nice and warm! We are not sure what happens to the other hand, but this does solve 50% of the problem.

Here are some further details on the useful Warming Mouse 4;

Well if you like warmth in the palm of your hands and that is enough to warm your body, then try this mouse out! By just plugging it into the computer like a normal mouse, it automatically warms up! Say goodbye to cold hands at the computer! (at least one hand…) The cable also has a switch with three modes: high (45 degrees Celsius, 113 degrees Fahrenheit), low (35 degrees Celsius, 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

This hand warming mouse is going to cost you around $40 (£25)

Source [Geek Stuff 4 U]