Coasters In A Keyboard Design

This is probably the only time when putting food or spilling a drink on a keyboard is all right. That is because these are coasters and not mini keyboards. However, they do make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk starring at the keyboard in front of them. Look closer and you will see that the keys actually spell “Spill Only If You Dare!” which of course you will because these are not keyboards.

These are the details on the great looking coasters in the style of a keyboard;

It is ok to spill on this keyboard! Would you dare to spill your drink on these coasters? Sure, why not! However, best if it never happened on the real thing. A set of 4 coasters (include 2 black and 2 white coasters).

These cool keyboard coaster will set you back around $20 (£13) for four!

Source [Technabob]