The iPhone Case You Eat In Emergencies

So you are stranded somewhere or for some reason are unable to get out to find something to eat, what do you do? Well if you had this case protecting your new iPhone 5, then you could eat it! Yes, this is an edible case for the iPhone 5, made from rice and salt it is just enough to keep you going during an emergency situation. Just do not leave it lying around if you have a dog, otherwise you might be needing a new iPhone!

The Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case features:

Fits iPhone 5 only

Made from brown rice, salt

Handmade by “Mariko”

Please note that this case may break if dropped or handled roughly. Please be careful!

Allow 1 month till delivery

Please be aware that due to its delicate nature, this case may become broken in the delivery or dispatch process. Unfortunately, JapanTrendShop cannot be held responsible for this!

This edible case for the iPhone 5 will cost you around £50 ($81), which is not cheap!

Source [Japan Trend Shop]