Yeah Baby Make Your Own Gin

Normally making your own alcohol is highly illegal and dangerous, not necessarily in that order either! However, apparently there is a way to make a high quality gin perfectly legally and safe too! This is the HomeMade Gin Kit, it all sounds good until you read that you need a bottle vodka as the base! My question is, why not buy a bottle of gin instead!

This how the process works according to the company website;

Most people do not realize that it is possible to make a small batch of gin at home without costly (and illegal) distilling equipment. In order to make your own gin, you need to purchase The HomeMade Gin Kit and an affordable bottle of vodka (not included). Then follow the enclosed instructions — transforming the vodka into homemade gin with a rich blend of juniper berries followed by an array of carefully selected and hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers and aromatics.

This make your own gin kit is priced at £25 ($40) plus the price of a cheap bottle of vodka too!

Source [Uncrate]