Best Gaming accessories you need this Christmas

Gamers no longer merely have to make do with a console and controller, as today’s tech can deliver greater player interaction, provided you are equipped with the latest and best equipment. Whilst many games can be completed using the most basic tech, to really get the most out of your gaming it’s worth investing in some of the best gizmos out there. Whether you’re a fan of stealth games like Assassin’s Creed, or enjoy a workout with something like WiiFit, there are suitable accessories which can enhance your gaming experience. Check out our guide to the best available right now, and be sure to add them to your wishlist this Christmas.

Turtle Beach Ear Force TANGO gaming headset

Thinking of buying Call of Duty? Make sure you snap up this headset too, which offers 360 degree audio for a fully immersive experience. The sound quality is impeccable and features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, allowing you to track and identify movements and actions within the game, which can help improve tactics whilst taking you to a new level of play.

Logitech Driving Force GT

Those with a need for speed will no doubt be massive fans of racing and motor-based games. However, playing with a traditional controller delivers a somewhat tame and flat experience, when compared with this piece of tech. The Gran Turismo-branded accessory deliveries a lifelike driving experience, allowing the user to feel weight shift, traction loss and road surface conditions. Gizmos on the wheel include force feedback, accelerate and brake pedals, a gear shift and well as options for controlling other details in your car. The wheel also allows gamers to feel and react to the road, improving skill and performance.


Planning on escaping the January gloom for a post-Christmas holiday? Don’t go anywhere without this gadget, a ‘Mobile Gaming Environment’ in which to transport and play your console. The case is durable and tough, with a padded interior in which to fit a PS Slim, Xbox 360 or Xbox 360S. The real beauty of this gadget is in its lid, which features a 15.5in LED-lit screen and stereo speakers, allowing for quick and convenient gaming when you reach your destination.

PlayStation Move Starter Pack

The Move contains built-in motion sensors, and the gadgets in this starter pack allow gamers to interact with objects they see on screen. Included in the pack is the Eye Camera which works in conjunction with the ‘orb’ which sits on top of the controller to calculate the game player’s position, changing colour to indicate in-game actions. PS Move provides an innovative gaming experience using cutting-edge technology – three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and terrestrial magnetic field sensors all precisely track a player’s movement – and this starter pack should be top on the Christmas list of any PS3 owner.

So, make the most of your games console and gaming experience, by taking advantage of the range of great gizmos available.