The Jabra Speaker Has Sole

Here is a speaker that appears to look like a trainer with a thick rubber sole and there is even a loop on the end that looks like something you would find on a trainer boot! However, this is a portable speaker with a rechargeable battery that is good for eight hours of play and it connects with your device via Bluetooth.

These are the features found in the Jabra Solemate Speaker;

Looks small. Sounds big.

Connect to almost anything – works wired or wirelessly

Tough – take your Solemate anywhere

Powerful sound with 3 front-facing speakers

Transform your music, movies and games

Amp up your conversations – speakerphone capability

All night long – up to 8 hours of continuous play

Comes with durable sound bag for added outdoor protection

The Jabra Solemate Speaker is going to cost you around £100 ($160).

Source [Uncrate]