Are You Man Enough For This Burger

There comes a time when we have to step to the mark, to attempt the Fallout Pizza Burger Challenge. This is a triple burger, chilli fries and all covered in the XXX Atomic Fallout Sauce! This stuff is so hot that you have to wear gloves just to pick the burger up!

These are the full details on the fallout challenge;

Atomic Burger presents the Fallout Pizza / Burger challenge. Triple stacked burger, pizza buns, triple cheese, triple chilli fries and the awesomely fierce XXX Atomic Fallout Sauce, made with the evil ghost chilli.

The Fallout challenge is available at Atomic Burger & Atomic Pizza Oxford (UK) and is launching in Bristol (UK) 2012. Follow us and eat @Atomicburgers @Atomicpizzas

So, are you man enough to take up the fallout challenge? It is going to cost you £25 for privilege.

Source [Incredible Things]