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11th December 2012

Make Your Own LED Christmas Cards

It’s getting a bit late now to buy and send cards for the festive season, so how about making your own cards with built in LED’s and actually giving them as gift? Well it is easier than you might think and just imagine how cool you will feel when you tell everyone that you made these cool cards all by yourself.

Here are the features for the excellent Technology Will Save Us DIY Kits;

This DIY kit comes with Bare Conductive paint – a multipurpose electrically conductive material, 6 LED’s, 3 button cell batteries, a selection of 3 festive cards, and all of the components you need to build and create electronic circuits out of imagery, illustrations, components and different materials. Work with paper, paint and electronics to create a hand made electronic card. No wires are necessary!

These kits have a starting from £10 ($16) and go up to £85 ($135) depending on the kit chosen

Source [Uncrate]

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