When The World Ends You May Need This

When The World Ends You May Need This

This is the Survival Seed Vault or Heirloom Emergency Survival seed store, depending on how you see things this is something that can be stored away for when the world as we know it ends or alternately it could be a cool way of completely changing the way your garden looks. Or better still buy two and do both!

When The World Ends You May Need This

These are the seeds that can be found inside this doomsday survival kit;

Blue Lake Bean Over 150 seeds

California Wonder Pepper Over 70 seeds

Scarlet Nantes Carrot over 800 seeds

Marketmore Cucumber Over 150 seeds

Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Over 900 seeds

Golden Acre Cabbage Over 530 seeds

Detroit Dark Red Beet Over 260 seeds

Lincoln Shell Pea Over 100 seeds

Lucullus Swiss Chard Over 160 seeds

Beefsteak Tomato Over 180 seeds

Champion Radish Over 320 seeds

Green Sprouting Broccoli Over 500 seeds

Waltham Butternut Winter Squash Over 100 seeds

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach Over 260 seeds

Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion Over 145 seeds

Golden Bantam Sweet Corn Over 250 seeds

Hales Best Cantaloupe Over 70 seeds

Snowball Self-blanching Cauliflower Over 285 seeds

Black Beauty Zucchini Over 50 seeds

Crimson Sweet Watermelon Over 60 seeds

When The World Ends You May Need This

You can keep your family or group in fresh food for just £24 ($38) hard work and a bit of luck is not included.

Source [Geek Alerts]