Keep Your Stuff Dry With Smithfly

Keep Your Stuff Dry With Smithfly

You do not have to be a festival goer or someone with a job that takes them outside in all weathers to need a bag that is going to keep your gadgets and other gear dry. But you would have thought that this type of protection is going to be expensive, not so with the Digi Pouch by Smithfly, this bag is water tight and there is enough room for cameras, phones and just about anything that you don’t wont to get wet.

Keep Your Stuff Dry With Smithfly

This is why the Digi Pouch from Smithfly is so handy in many situations;

Constructed of heavy duty welded 18 oz vinyl the Digi Pouch is a first of it’s kind roll top dry bag that attaches to MOLLE webbing. Working with a top USA based Dry bag manufacturer we developed a unique way incorporate our MOLLE webs onto a welded patch in the back of the bag, leaving it water tight.

Keep Your Stuff Dry With Smithfly

This useful bag that will keep your stuff dry will cost around $60 (£37).

Source [Cult of Mac]

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