No More Bushy Eyebrows Guys


If you ever tried to trim your eyebrows with a pair of scissors, then you will know just how difficult it can be and that the results are not always, what you were expecting. However, here is a cool tool from Japan that will mean nicely trimmed eyebrows whenever you need them. Simply place the device over the eyebrow area and trim, it is that simple.


These are the details for the tool designed to trim your eyebrows like a pro;

Made in collaboration with hair and make-up artist Keiko Obana, this Men’s Eyebrow Shaving Guide is a special “otaku mayu” (man eyebrow) beauty tool which acts like a frame or stencil for you to groom carefully, giving you perfectly shaped eyebrows.


To get yourself a neat pair of eyebrows you will need to fork out just $31 (£19) now that has to be cost effective.

Source [Japan Trend Shop]