One Second Of Your Life Everyday App

One Second Of Your Life Everyday App

Imagine this; you start to record a second of your normal day, every day for life! By the time, you reach certain milestones, such as 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays you would have created a massive library. Well it is going to be even easier to with the one Second Everyday App, check out the video below to see it action.

Here is some background information on the 1 Second Everyday App;

One Second Of Your Life Everyday App

On the day I turned 30 years old, I started recording 1 second every day for the rest of my life… and I think you should too.  When I turn 40, I’ll have a 1-hour video that encapsulates my 30s.  If I live to see 80 years of age, I’ll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life.

One Second Of Your Life Everyday App

This project is currently going through Kickstarter, so you get in there early and bag yourself some perks at the same time.

Source [TED]

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