The Bottle Grenade One Tool Many Uses

The Bottle Grenade One Tool Many Uses

Normally a bottle opener is not something to get too excited about, they take to top off a bottle and that is that. Well the Bottle Grenade is different, sure, it is a bottle opener, but it also works with ring pulls and comes with additional hex functions too! While not in use this cool bottle opener will hook onto a belt loop for handy access.

This is what the designer has to say on the Bottle Grenade Kickstarter page;

The Bottle Grenade One Tool Many Uses

My goal is to produce enough Aluminium Bottle Grenades to move up to a better CNC Mill so I can make them out of Stainless Steel, Titanium, and other exotic metals and hopefully produce them at a cheaper price then possible now.  I also have other prototype key chains made in aluminium that need to be made out of Stainless or Titanium due to the work they perform.  So hopefully this project is a success and you all can see what else I have dreamed up.

The Bottle Grenade One Tool Many Uses

For a short time there is the opportunity to get your hands on a cool Bottle Grenade by pledging just $25 (£16) on the crowd funding site Kickstarter.

Source [Uncrate]

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