Supersized Nintendo Games Controller

Supersized Nintendo Games Controller

It may be obvious at first but the supersized Nintendo games console controller is actually built from thousands of Lego bricks, so not only is this a fantastic piece of gamers gear, it is also an excellent Lego build too! It looks like the builder Julius von Brunk will have to think up something really impressive for his next project to top this one!

According to Julius von Brunk, who built this brilliant and big Nintendo games controller;

Supersized Nintendo Games Controller

My largest LEGO creation to date: a 5-foot replica of an original Nintendo controller – that’s actually wired to play as a real controller with my NES emulator! This video consists of about 20 minutes of raw game footage, sped-up x2 into a quick 3 minute montage with the orchestrated Super Mario Bros. theme song (by the Boston Pops Orchestra)!

Supersized Nintendo Games Controller

Source [Technabob]

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