Coffee Gets The Secret Squirrel Treatment

Coffee Gets The Secret Squirrel Treatment

This is cold brew coffee, it is a liquid concentrate that once mixed with hot water or milk produces a wonderful smooth and strong tasting coffee! It is just the thing that you need in the morning to wake you up and get you off to a flying start!

Coffee Gets The Secret Squirrel Treatment

This is what’s in the Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee;

The cold brew process involves ground beans, filtered water, and 18-24 hours of time. That is, we grind the beans, soak them in water for 18-24 hours, then filter out the beans to get the coffee concentrate.  A very simple low tech process. The key is choosing the right bean, water, timing, and filtration process. We experimented quite a bit to come up with cold brewing recipe.

Coffee Gets The Secret Squirrel Treatment

If this is the sort of brew that you might need in the morning then be prepared to fork out around £13 ($20) for two 16 oz bottles.

Source [Uncrate]


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