BROpener Turns Any Surface Into A Bottle Opener

Here is a fun item found on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, it is a bottle opener that can be placed anywhere allowing anyone to take the top off a bottle with ease and without having to hunt around for the one and only opener that can never be found when needed. Simply stick around waist height and flip that bottle top off with ease.

This is what the team behind this project have to say on their Kickstarter page;

BROpener Turns Any Surface Into A Bottle Opener

Using the ol’ edge of a table trick is great and all, but the table gets mangled, people get angry at you for breaking their stuff and who knows where the cap goes. With the BROpener you can preserve your furniture, make friends not enemies, catch the cap and have fun in the process. The BROpener is the answer to all of your bottle opening needs!

BROpener Turns Any Surface Into A Bottle Opener

You can pre-order this cool little bottle opener by pledging just $14 (£9) on Kickstarter.

Source [Oh Gizmo]

Written by David Allen

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