The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater

Here is a new device that has been on show at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas, it is from Belkin and they call it the Thunderstorm Handheld Theater! Basically, what this is going to do is bring your iPad to life with brilliant sound and it has the added benefit of protecting the iPads screen too.

The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater

These are the features available with the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater;

The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater

Full range speaker system. The high efficiency speakers create deep, rich, immersive sound.

Ported speakers for bass and depth.

The iPad sits seamlessly in ThunderStorm enclosure. The smooth, easy grip surface makes holding ThunderStorm very comfortable.

The free Thunder app provides extended control with three different soundscapes

The multifold provides a variety of comfortable and convenient viewing and listening angles. And, of course, protects your iPad screen when not in use.

Air channels are integrated into ThunderStorm’s mail panel, allowing bass frequencies to come alive.

Perfect for music and web video, great for movies, and games will absolutely explode off the screen

The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater

Once this device hits the stores expect pay around $200 (£124) for it.

Source: Geek Alerts