Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend Just $40

The problem for some people when it comes to social media is that they do not have much of a real life and so they have missing parts to the profile such as “Relationship Status!” but as with everything, this is easily remedied! A Brazilian based business will create a fake girlfriend for anyone with $40 (£25) to spare. This girlfriend will come with comments and a busy profile page too; there is the obvious issue of photos of the two of you together! But, what do you expect for $40!

Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend Just $40

This is the translated text from the Brazilian website;

Site offers service fictional girlfriend for facebook singles’ desire to be in a relationship is being explored by a new website that offers nothing less than a fake girlfriend for just ten dollars. But if you imagine something like a dating agency, was mistaken. Services offered by Fake dating are nothing like this

Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend Just $40Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend Just $40

Unfortunately, at the moment, the site only provides fake girlfriends, but a fake boyfriend version is on the way! Your mother will be so pleased.

Source: Mashable