Clean Up Your Facebook Image With Facewash

When you have been on Facebook for a number a years, there are bound to be images, comments and even message that you wish could be hunted down and exterminated! Well you might be in luck, because that is exactly what you can do with Facewash, a cool application that will present you with a list of links to posts that contain words on the “Dirty” list, just click on the link and once on the page, you can delete it or make it private! Job done and no more embarrassing posts to come back and haunt you.

According to the team behind Facewash, this is what all the fuss is about;

You spent the last four years being a college kid. And that’s wonderful. But a lot can happen in four years, and Facebook never forgets. You partied. You befriended some questionable characters. Heck, you just lived your life and did your thing – and now, you’ve got the posts and pics to show it. But do you have the time and energy and robotic perfection to hunt down all those little details? No! And even if you just said, “Yes!”, you’re wrong. These things creep into the corners of the internet and lie in wait for the day you decide to BECOME A PROFESSIONAL.

Clean Up Your Facebook Image With FacewashClean Up Your Facebook Image With FacewashClean Up Your Facebook Image With Facewash

Source: Facewash