PokerStars mobile 3

PokerStars mobile 3

Which poker site has the most amount of visitors worldwide and has recently launched its brand spanking new all singing all dancing mobile app? PokerStars! Okay, it won’t sing and doesn’t dance but what it does do is supply a magnificent online poker experience for mobile devices and proves that PokerStars is at the forefront of innovative technology.

A few years ago you would be hard pressed to find a decent poker app on the market for mobile phones. It has taken a long time for the biggest names in poker to develop noteworthy mobile apps that are usable and technically able to give the customer an enjoyable experience. Anyone who uses apps of any type will know the frustration caused by a badly developed game, and that it can be enough to turn even the most dedicated fan away from a site. Thankfully, poor development is not something the PokerStars mobile app can ever be associated with. Incorporating auto switch technology and flick navigation, this sophisticated piece of software avoids any restrictive play that may be encountered by using a smaller interface.

The PokerStars app has not just been designed for the more experienced poker player. In fact it offers newcomers a smooth and helpful introduction to the fun and thrills of online poker. Tutorials are simple to follow and customer support is available for those who need a little extra help. Games can be played for free or for micro stakes, which is good news for the beginner who will be wary of larger stakes while they are learning how to play the game.  But fear not those who like to pit their wits and indulge in high-roller play, there is nothing here to prevent you from doing so. Come one come all, this brilliant mobile app has thought of everyone! As with the original online poker software, the mobile version has been developed to incorporate the chat function and also the ability to choose quick seating, showing that nothing here has been lost in translation from desktop to mobile.

Having an app that connects to the PokerStars worldwide network means that there are 49 million players who have registered on the site, so there should be no shortage of tournaments to play no matter where you are or what time of day it may be. All of the top poker games are available on the app from Texas Hold‘em to Omaha, as well as Zoom Poker, the fastest-paced poker game around. When this happens, there will be no difference between what the mobile and the desktop version has to offer you. Android, iPhone, iPad and various other tablets are all compatible with the PokerStars mobile app, so if you have one of these devices, download the free app right away. If you already play PokerStars online, then you will have an account, so all that is needed is to search for PokerStars on your mobile and click on the download app link. It is that easy! If you are new to PokerStars, create a free account in minutes on a desktop device by going to before downloading the app onto mobile.

If your interest in poker goes beyond playing the game, it will be worth your while taking a look at PokerStars TV online. With interviews with some of the world’s top poker stars, event and tournament information and even tips to help improve your game, it is a great place to look for everything poker!

Who knows, one day it might be you on Team PokerStars. With the new mobile app there’s no excuse to not getting enough practice because no matter where you are, the next game is just a touch away.