Wood Lego Looks Better Than Plastic

Here is proof that wood looks much better plastic, even when it comes to Lego! These bricks come in a box of fifty. However, because they are made from wood each one appears to look different and that is a great look. This not an official Lego product, they are by Mokurokku a Japanese designer and would make a great gift.

Here are the details from the translated Iichi wooden bricks webpage;

I think of the benefits from natural heather lock jammed and I think a lot of hassle and that you’ll feel the power of nature. Set 50 piece basic Mokurokku Product size: 32 × 16 × 13mm approx Material: wood with a focus on the thinning material (birch-hand four-maple-Park Sakura, etc.) accessories: cloth bag for cleaned up your outer box material: cardboard ( : Size: 100 × 100 × 250mm) about 3 years old Age: Notes: wood to breathe. Season depending on the environment has some stretch, and we may feel where it would be difficult to remove loosely attached.

Wood Lego Looks Better Than PlasticWood Lego Looks Better Than PlasticWood Lego Looks Better Than PlasticWood Lego Looks Better Than PlasticWood Lego Looks Better Than Plastic

This interesting little set of wooden building bricks is priced at $32 (£21) for 50 bricks.

Source: Nerd Approved

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