No More Tears From Peeling Onions

No More Tears From Peeling Onions

Save those tears for movies with these specially designed glasses that will prevent the vapour from an onion reaching your eyes and making you cry like a baby! These are ideal for anyone holding a dinner party and you want to prevent the red eye look.

These are the details on these no tears glasses;

At last! No more crying into your onions. These funky goggles have a comfortable foam seal, which protects eyes from the irritating vapours, released when onions are cut open. They are as easy to put on as a pair of glasses and have anti-fog lenses to ensure you will see clearly whilst you are preparing dinner! The unisex design fits most face shapes (but will not fit over glasses). The goggles come complete with a storage case, to keep them clean and scratch free.

The cost of saving your eyes from the sting of onion vapour is £18 ($29).