The Tiltpod Magnetic Camera Stand

The Tiltpod Magnetic Camera Stand

Getting a good picture is no longer good enough these days as images have to be perfect and in many cases, the only way to ensure that is to use a tripod or stand. That is where the Tiltpad comes in, its small, light and it does not cost the earth either, sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Here is what makes the Tiltpod stand so interesting;

The tiltpod is the first truly pocketable camera support. No more digging through your bag for a tripod, and no more precarious balancing your expensive compact camera. Just attach the tiltpod to your camera’s wrist strap and you are always ready to get the perfect shot. The tiltpod’s compact design features a quick-connect magnetic ball pivot. The rounded head screws into your camera’s tripod socket and magnetically connects to the base for an instant hold at just about any angle.

The Gomite Tiltpod Digital Camera Magnetic Tripod is priced at £13 ($21).