Exciting New Home Entertainment Options

Technology is improving and evolving at perhaps a quicker rate than ever before, and that means that the gadgets and machines we use to entertain ourselves are always being upgraded. In some instances, it can actually be difficult to keep up – for example, it seems every time a hot new smart phone hits the market, it is upgraded or trumped by a competitor within a few months! For this reason, if you are looking to update your home entertainment system, you may want to look at some of the most exciting items that will be coming soon, rather than what’s already on the shelves. Whether you tend to shop at the closest electronic shop, browse www.mysmartbuy.com online, or whatever else you prefer, there are a number of incredibly entertaining electronics that will be available this year. Here are a few to keep your eye out for.

Exciting New Home Entertainment Options

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are already on the market in large quantity, and are some of the hottest new items in home entertainment. More and more, people are storing music on portable mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) and hooking these up to home speakers can be a hassle, involving specific cables and connectors. With bluetooth speakers you can have home entertainment quality sound played from your iPod or mobile device without physically hooking it up. This takes away a lot of the hassle involved in home audio, and allows you more control over your music. Try the Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker II for a starting point.

Xbox 720

If any single item to be released in the coming year will revolutionize home entertainment, it’s the Xbox 720. This console is rumoured to have a bluray drive included, as well as the ability to record live television, which makes it essentially all you need, in addition to your television, for home entertainment. The bluray player will not only support bluray film discs, but also allows games to have vast amounts of data on them. Simply put, the Xbox 720 will be an enormous advancement in home entertainment if the rumours are true.

4K Television

For a while, home 3D was all the rage in television. However, many consumers have been continually disappointed by 3D efforts, and the concept has to some extent lost its appeal. So, instead, television companies like Sony are now focused on the next big thing 4K resolution. Literally providing picture resolution 4 times higher than the current best in HD, 4K televisions provide viewing quality so exception that they are selling for 5 figure sums that make them unaffordable to most consumers. However, over the course of the next year these prices are expected to drop as more 4K TVs hit the market.

This is a guest post written by Scott Shepherd. Scott is an independent blogger and freelance writer.