Swish The Smallest Phone In The World

Phone designers are weird they started off making huge bricks, and then gradually they reduced in size some could be folded up and placed in your pocket. But now they are getting bigger, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is good example with its huge screen. However, Swish have come up with a mini phone that has one or two pre-programmed numbers in, it is not a smart phone, but for it is a smart idea for parents and carers.

Swish The Smallest Phone In The World

These are the details on the mini phone device from Swish;

The Swish Mini Phone is designed for persons with an intellectual disability, children and our senior citizens out and about. The Swish Mini Phone phone transmits on a GSM network. There are two speed dial numbers. Simply press 1 or 2 to get straight through to your loved one. Press the SOS button and the Swish Mini Phone will continuously call the two preset numbers along with the GSM base station co-ordinates!

Swish The Smallest Phone In The WorldSwish The Smallest Phone In The World

The price of this mini phone is around $382 (£247).

Source: The Swish