UK Tablet Market

A few years ago not many consumers would have heard about a Tablet PC, let alone be in the market for one! But like the Smartphone the Tablet is fast becoming the must have tech item and this popularity is not confined to business users either, families and even kids are being bitten by the Tablet bug, with new devices such as the Xperia™ Tablet offering users the ability to play games and watch TV shows with ease at a time and place of their choosing.

Tablet Sony - Infographic
Xperia™ Tablet


Unlike Smartphones, the Tablet device is more sophisticated and better equipped with large screen ranging from seven up to ten inches. However, it is the features and apps that make Tablet computing more exciting than just picking up a laptop or sitting in front of a PC.

The Tablet PC is user friendly and it is the touch screen technology that makes it so easy to use, even while travelling to and from work. So the future for the Tablet PC is looking very bright indeed, especially as more powerful and innovative devices like the Xperia™ Tablet are making their way onto this already busy IT marketplace.

The success of the Tablet PC has a lot to do with the success of the Smartphone, these devices opened up a completely new world to users in the form of social networking apps! The Tablet PC is the next evolution in smart technology, no longer will the online shopper, social networker or soap fan, have to be chained to a laptop or desk top computer, this is because the Tablet PC offers the surfer, shopper or social networker, freedom of choice and that is powerful.

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