The Carabandit Is Your Handy Friend

Sometimes you need an extra hand to help to carry something or just make sure that stuff is safe and secure. However, there is not always a helping available, but there is the Carabandits! These handy loops are strong and will secure almost anything with a screw style fitment.

These are the details on the very handy Carabandits device;

We’re proud to introduce Carabandits, the second member of the Bandit product family. Not only do Carabandits function like a normal Bandit, but their technical upgrades open them up to a whole new world of uses and possibilities. The carabiner offers a larger, more secure hook, ensuring that the attached object doesn’t fall or come unhooked. The band’s loop can also be opened by rotating the hook and unscrewing one end of the band. This feature allows it to be used as a key chain, or to be looped through holes for easy hanging.

The Carabandit Is Your Handy FriendThe Carabandit Is Your Handy FriendThe Carabandit Is Your Handy Friend

The Carabandits Rubber Band and Clip is priced at $10 (£6.40)

Source: Quirky

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