These Jeans Are Simply Pants

Underwear these days is more of a fashion item than essential clothing; this is because the trend these days is to show off your underwear but wearing your trousers low down. Therefore, what better style would there be for pants that look like worn jeans? That is exactly what these are JeanPants and you know that they make sense.

These are the details on the jeans that are pants;

The JeanPants feature Denim and “worn”-style underwear from CUW

Can be worn by men or women

Size: large (84-92 cm, 33.1-36.2″) or medium (76-84 cm, 29.9-33.1″)

Materials: cotton (95%), polyurethane (5%)

Do not tumble dry

These Jeans Are Simply PantsThese Jeans Are Simply PantsThese Jeans Are Simply Pants

A pair of these cool Jean Pants Underwear will cost you around $37 (£25).

Source: Geek Alerts