Emergency Rice That Comes In Tin Cans

During an emergency situation, food, water and shelter are the essentials, but food is always the problem as it goes off so quickly. However, here is an idea that could make all of the difference, this is the Emergency Rice in Can Shunmai Shinkan Set there are six cans in a set and this rice is going to be good for up to five years. so this rice set is ideal to be put into long term storage, each can comes with 300 gram of rice inside.

Here are the details on the rice in a can gift set;

This gift set includes six cans of recently harvested Japanese rice. The cans will float in water and can sustain direct damage, all while keeping the rice inside preserved and ready to be eaten in the unlikely event that regular food supplies fail. We also love the design of the cans themselves.

Emergency Rice That Comes In Tin CansEmergency Rice That Comes In Tin CansEmergency Rice That Comes In Tin Cans

The rice in a can comes in a gift pack of six cans and is priced at $58 (£39) per pack.

Source: Japan Trend Shop

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