Chunky Maple Wood iPad Stand

There is nothing fragile looking about this stand, in fact, it is clear that once the iPad has been placed into it the tablet is not going anywhere at all! The great thing about this is that it is handmade too, so you are getting a quality piece here and for a price that is not much more than a mass produced plastic or metal stand would cost. So that has to be a bargain!

This is what you get with the great looking solid wood stand for the iPad;

Cut specifically for iPad 2

Hand carved from Ambrosia Maple and Walnut with Bolivian Rosewood Highlights

Stand Measures 7 inches (height), 15 inches (length) and 8.5 inches (depth)

Finished with Shellac and rubbed with Carnauba Wax

Base sits on four non-slip, gripper pads

Chunky Maple Wood iPad StandChunky Maple Wood iPad StandChunky Maple Wood iPad Stand

The Chunk O Wood iPAD STAND is priced at around $90 (£62).

Source: Etsy