Make Your Own Pizza Box Drawers

Here is a cool idea that uses up all of those old pizza boxes that you might have hanging the kitchen! This is a handy set of six drawers for your desk and yes, they have been made from old (preferably cleaned out) pizza boxes. The cool thing is you can make these without any specialist tools or knowledge and when you are fed up with them you simply throw them away in the recycling bin.

This is what you need in order to make your own set of drawers from old pizza boxes.

Supplies Needed: 7 Club Scrap pizza boxes (to create a 6 drawer cube) – Clear Packing tape – Stapler (optional) – Scissors

Instructions: Basically you will be cutting each box into two pieces, one piece (the lid of box) for the drawer, and the rest of the box will become part of the cube.

Make Your Own Pizza Box DrawersMake Your Own Pizza Box DrawersMake Your Own Pizza Box Drawers

Source: Deb Duz Scrappin