Business Phone Solutions From ECT Virtual PBX

Business Phone Solutions From ECT Virtual PBX

Providing phones services to business users is a hard enough business to be in. but what if these customers happen to use both a fixed line and a mobile service with you? As a service provider, the job of keeping these valuable customers is twice as difficult, because there are plenty of other providers out there just waiting to poach customers and once they have gone, they very rarely come back.

One solution is to provide both services through a single cloud based solution, such as that offered by ECT Virtual PBX. This company can provide a VPBX convergent solution that has seamless integration and best of all it keeps customers happy with one contract; it also makes it harder for other service providers to steal customers by offering lower prices and other incentives for signing up.

Yet with the VPBX convergent solution from ECT Virtual PBX, this offers the customer complete flexibility, such as, being able to choose how to answer incoming phone calls. For example, if a call comes in it can be answered through a landline or mobile connection, this just shows how flexible this service can be for both the customer and the provider, which means customer satisfaction and less chance of them looking around at what other providers have to offer.

However, it is not all about tying customers up, in order to keep them the service has to be second to none. Which is why the ECT Virtual PBX not only offers a superior service, but it is very cost effective too, and that has to be a winning a combination for the provider and the customer.

Source: ECT-Virtualpbx