The New Mercedes Benz A Class

The New Mercedes Benz A Class

To be fair the A Class Mercedes Benz was never the sort of car that I or any of my pals would have even looked at before, it had the reputation of being the car for the older driver! Therefore, for years the A Class went mostly unnoticed until now, the new design of these cars takes the A Class from not cool to super cool in one quick and easy design move.

This transformation is incredible, the A Class is more like a super sports hatch now, with features included that only Mercedes Benz would include as a standard level. However, it does not stop there, this is a completely new A Class, from top to bottom and side to side making this car a real head turner and that is what driving a Mercedes Benz is all about.

Some people might think that cars are for just getting from A to B, which is of so right, but there are no rules that state getting from A to B cannot be done in style. Mercedes Benz have taken the A Class to a new level offering style, design and value all in one perfect package of automotive imagination, Benz means cars!

The most brilliant thing about the spectacular new A Class has to the be the price, this car on the road is under £19,000 sure that is for the base model but this is a Mercedes Benz, so that means this base model is going to be like the top of range car from other makes.

The New Mercedes Benz A ClassThe New Mercedes Benz A ClassThe New Mercedes Benz A Class

Source: Mercedes Benz UK