Thor The God Of Slots

Thor The God Of Slots

Thor is undoubtedly among the mightiest of heroes, whether you look at the legendary tales of Norse mythology or his portrayal in the Marvel Comics universe. And now you can call upon the power of Thor in your online casino games, thanks to the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine. One of the most popular online slots, thunderstruck 2 allows players to call upon the power of Thor and his fellow Norse Gods as you seek your fortune. It’s clear when they’re smiling down as their symbols come up in the game’s 5 reels – and of course, it’s Thor who offers the biggest payout!

Thor is primarily renowned as the Norse God of Thunder, and he also displayed the ability to control the elements in his Marvel Comics incarnation – and players will be hoping that he can make lightning strike twice in the same place in Thunderstruck 2as well. That’s because the ‘Thunderstruck’ symbol is a ‘wild’ symbol that will count as any regular symbol – not only that, it will also double the payout of any winning combination that it features in!

Thor’s other major symbol is his hammer, with which he would smite his foes and, in the Marvel comics, travel at supersonic speed. In Thunderstruck II, it acts as the bonus symbols – not only will there be a payout bonus if two or more appear anywhere on the game’s five reels, it’ll also activate the ‘Great Hall Of Spins’ bonus game if you manage to get three or more. This mini-game allows you to call upon the pantheon of Asgard, who will grant free spins and other bonuses.

The more times mini-game is triggered, the mightier the Gods can be called upon – the statuesque Valkyrie starts out with 10 free spins, then after 5 times, the trickster god Loki will allow players 15 free spins, as well as a chance for extra ‘Thunderstruck’ symbols thanks to his wild magic. Thor’s dad Odin steps in to offer 20 free spins on the 10th time you play the game, and his great ravens will give further chances at ‘Thunderstruck’ symbols whenever won. However, it’s Thor who’s the most powerful – if you manage to trigger the game 15 times, not only will he grant 25 free spins, he’ll also destroy any winning symbols with his mighty hammer, allowing new symbols to fall into place. This gives players even more chances to win, and doesn’t even use up any free spins!

Much as Thor is one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes and the most powerful figures in Norse legend, so is thunderstruck 2 one of the greatest online slots. Try it out today and experience the glory of Asgard for yourself – victory may not take you to Valhalla, but great riches lie in wait nonetheless!