When is too much technology too much technology?

When is too much technology too much technology?

This is of course a rhetorical question: I for one can never have enough technology. As I sit here writing this on my desktop computer I am glancing periodically glancing to my left at my favourite of laptop computers which allows me to keep track of the online world (as we speak I am bidding on a guitar on eBay) without having to switch windows.

To my right is my stereo system playing through my speakers which, if they were an inch bigger, would appear on an Ordinance Survey map. My tablet is next to my bed and my smartphone is charging from my laptop and resting next to my television, which is almost constantly on the twenty four hour BBC news channel; simply because if the world is going to end I would like to have as much notice as possible.

“Do I need all this? Can’t you turn that off, or turn this off etc etc” and the answer is always “no”. My gadgetry needs to reflect my hectic, diverse and often overlapping needs.

It should be technically possible to run most of what I am doing using just the one computer, but having tried it I realised that my PC simply isn’t designed for what I need it to do. It isn’t really powerful enough to be running all these different things without at some point having the digital equivalent of a nervous breakdown. And perhaps my desktop is half the problem; it is getting old.

To my housemate this afternoon, who strolled uninvited into my study, the answer was simple: “All in one computers,” he announced. “That’s what you need!”

He thrust his iPad into my face and ran through a hundred reasons detailing how my life would be simpler, easier and less cluttered with an all in one PC. I looked around my room at the four or five screens, meters of cable and considered for a moment how mad it probably looked.

It wasn’t too much technology. It was simply spread over too many places.