Boombox Made From 30 Cal Ammo Case

Boombox Made From 30 Cal Ammo Case

We already know that a 30 Cal can do some serious damage and now the case that is used to store them in the field can inflict some serious damage in the sound department. This is a boombox with plenty of fire power at its disposal; it is also waterproof and comes with its own rechargeable power supply too, ideal for those outdoor events.

Here are the basic specs for the waterproof speaker system with a boom;

Strong 30.Cal ammo can to provide a sturdy case (10 1/2″ x 4″ x 7″ or 25cm x 8cm x 16cm)

Class T 40w stereo amplifier for long play time and clean sound

9.8Ah Li-ion battery to reduce weight and increase play time

Two 20w coaxial MAC audio speakers for great sound

USB charger to keep your audio device up and running

External audio and power plugs for added convenience (comes with the power adapter and Audio cable)

Illuminated switches add a nice effect and allow you to quickly see if the amp or USB is turned on

Lightweight design (just 6.5lb or 3Kg)

The 30.Cal ammo can Boombox will come with a price tag of around $235 (£150).

Boombox Made From 30 Cal Ammo CaseBoombox Made From 30 Cal Ammo Case

Source: Etsy